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Dropage (Available now on the iOS AppStore FREE!)

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Rolling down a platform and leaping to avoid mines and other obstacles, Dropage delivers a unique physics platformer experience. The objective is to try to get the marble through the last platform at the bottom of the screen in the fastest time possible. The player tilts the screen to change the gravity and causes the marble to roll to the side tilted. Tapping the screen causes the marble to jump in the direction of the tilt.

Each level consists of a series of platforms with holes in it that will cause the ball to move to the next platform and closer to the finish. On each platform there will be obstacles that will either slow down or destroy the player�s marble. Power-ups will be available that allow additional marbles for bonus points and extra lives and items that boost the marble�s speed. Each level will have an indicated time in which it must be completed. At least one player marble must reach the finish before the indicated time expires in order to complete the level. If a player finishes before the time expires a time bonus is added to the score. Also each additional marble that finishes the level adds a score bonus.

The levels are fast-paced and can be finished in one minute or less. Completing a level saves the player�s progress, allowing the player to continue playing at a later time. As the levels increase in difficulty, players will find themselves rapidly tilting the screen and tapping frequently to avoid the mine items that fill the levels. The initial release contains 26 levels with more to come in future updates. Each level features a unique background and platform foreground color. Players must be strategic about tilting, especially when additional marbles are involved because tilting the screen one way may cause the other marbles to run into mines.

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Tournament Paddles (Available now on iOS AppStore for FREE!)

The familiar arcade table soccer classic with a new challenge. Featuring 10 AI difficulties, adjustable game speed and paddle size, Tournament Paddles has something for everyone. Compete in a full season format with a single-elimination playoff structure.

Compete in a season format against 7-15 AI opponents of varying difficulty. Best the field and challenge the survivors in a single-elimination playoff structure.

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